Choroidal blood flow and arterial blood pressure

  title={Choroidal blood flow and arterial blood pressure},
  author={Kaija Polak and Elzbieta A. Polska and Alexandra Luksch and Guido T. Dorner and Gabriele Fuchsjaeger-Mayrl and Oliver Findl and H. G. Eichler and Michael Wolzt and Leopold Schmetterer},
AbstractPurpose Untreated hypertension is associated with ocular complications and is a risk factor for the development and progression of vascular ocular pathologies. We set out to investigate the association between systemic blood pressure and choroidal blood flow.Methods All subjects were male non-smokers, who did not receive any medication and had normal or slightly elevated blood pressure (systolic blood pressure ≤160 mmHg; diastolic blood pressure ≤100 mmHg). The association between… CONTINUE READING


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