INTRODUCTION AND OBJECTIVE Tumors of the choroid plexus are rare tumors of neuro ectodermal origin, accounting for less 1% of intracranial tumors in all ages. Most cases present in children less than 2 years of age. These tumors have been classified according to histopathological criteria into papilloma and carcinoma. DEVELOPMENT We review the epidemiological, clinical, neuropathological details, neuroradiological aspects and treatment of choroid plexus tumors. CONCLUSIONS Choroid plexus tumors may present with overt intracranial hypertension with or without focal neurological signs. In the adult population, headaches are the most commonly encountered symptom. The CT characteristics of CPT are well characterized. On non enhanced studies the tumor appears as a smooth or lobulated mass, hyperdense in relation to surrounding brain parenchyma. With intravenous contrast, there is marked, homogeneous enhancement. With MRI these tumors showed an iso intensity in T1 weighted images and iso hypo intensity in T2 weighted images, with marked enhancement after gadolinium. The treatment of choice is total surgical excision with minimal damage to the surrounding neural elements. For carcinomas, adjuvant treatment in the form of chemotherapy supplemented by radiation therapy in older children.

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