Choroid plexus cysts do not affect fetal neurodevelopment

  title={Choroid plexus cysts do not affect fetal neurodevelopment},
  author={Janet A Dipietro and Kathleen Costigan and Elizabeth A Cristofalo and Yuan-Chiao Lu and Clark W. Bird and Cheryl McShane and Jude P Crino},
  journal={Journal of Perinatology},
Objective:To determine whether an isolated finding of a choroid plexus cyst (CPC) during routine ultrasound is associated with altered fetal growth or development.Study design:Prospective, case–control study comparing 35 CPC cases to 67 controls. Neurobehavioral development assessment included 50 min long serial recordings of heart rate, motor activity and their interrelation at 24, 28, 32 and 36 weeks gestation. Growth measurement was based on three ultrasound evaluations of femur length… CONTINUE READING
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