Chordomas of the skull base: surgical management and outcome.

  title={Chordomas of the skull base: surgical management and outcome.},
  author={Amir Samii and Venelin Miloslavov Gerganov and Christian Herold and Nakamasa Hayashi and Takahiko Naka and Mohammad Javad Mirzayan and Helmut Ostertag and Madjid Samii},
  journal={Journal of neurosurgery},
  volume={107 2},
OBJECT The goal of this study was to report on the surgical management of skull base chordomas and to evaluate both the short- and long-term treatment outcomes. METHODS The authors retrospectively studied data from 49 patients who had undergone consecutive surgeries at a single institution. They also analyzed patterns of chordoma extension. Complications and surgery-related morbidity were recorded. A Kaplan-Meier analysis was performed to determine survival rates in patients 5 and 10 years… CONTINUE READING
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