Chordal varieties of Veronese varieties and catalecticant matrices Vassil Kanev

  title={Chordal varieties of Veronese varieties and catalecticant matrices Vassil Kanev},
  author={Vassil Kanev},
  • Vassil Kanev
  • Published 1998
It is proved that the the chordal variety of the Veronese variety vd(P n−1) is projectively normal, arithmetically Cohen-Macaulay and its homogeneous ideal is generated by the 3× 3 minors of two catalecticant matrices. These results are generalized to the catalecticant varieties Gor≤(T ) with t1 = 2. Introduction The r-secant variety to the Segre variety σ(P × P) is the projectivization of the determinantal variety Mr(m,n) of matrices of rank ≤ r. Its homogeneous ideal is generated by the (r+1… CONTINUE READING
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