Choosing the Pond: On-the-Job Experience and Long-Run Career Outcomes

  title={Choosing the Pond: On-the-Job Experience and Long-Run Career Outcomes},
  author={Jie Gong and Ang Sun and Zhichao Wei},
  journal={Manag. Sci.},
This paper investigates the value of on-the-job experience for workers’ long-run career outcomes. We exploit the effects of team relegation in professional soccer by contrasting players on teams just below and just above the cutoff point of relegation. We find that players on teams relegated to a lower division have more match appearances in the short run, and they play in better leagues and earn higher wages in the long run. This gain is concentrated among individuals who are young or less… Expand
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Firm Choice and Career Success — Theory and Evidence
We investigate how the decision of workers to join a specific type of firm affects their future career opportunities. Workers can either join a very competitive firm (big pond) or a less competitiveExpand
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