Choosing an Open Source License

  title={Choosing an Open Source License},
  author={Arnoud Engelfriet},
  journal={IEEE Software},
These days, many companies are struggling with ever-expanding software code bases. What to do with that set of homegrown libraries or that data processing application? Maintaining it could prove costly and divert engineers from working on new and innovative projects. There's one option that's attracting increased interest: release it as open source. Open source software is freely available software licensed for use and modification, including commercial activities. Anyone can copy, distribute… 

How to Successfully Develop and Manage Open Source Projects.

This thesis focuses on identifying the risks of Open source projects in the fields of development and licensing while also offering suitable methods that can either prevent or minimize the damage inflicted by them.

Open Source Software: A Survey from 10, 000 Feet

Through its widespread adoption, oss is affecting the software industry, science, engineering, research, teaching, the developing countries, and the society at large through its ability to democratize technology and innovation.

Analysis of open source license selection for the GitHub programming community

The purpose of this paper is to understand the difficulties faced by open source developers in choosing open source licenses, analyze the components of open source license and the affecting factors ofOpen source license selection, and to provide references for developers to choose open sources licenses.

Open Source Licensing Across Package Dependencies

This paper discusses various aspects of oss licensing, and an empirical study on FreeBSD ports collections concerning their licensing dependencies is presented, in an attempt to identify specific patterns.

The case for free and open source software in research and scholarship

It is argued that anyone who actively contributes to the research process today is a computational researcher, in that they use computers to manage and store information.

Practitioner perceptions of Open Source software in the embedded systems area

License usage analysis and license recommendation in open source software development

A recommendation logic is presented, which includes several influences on a suitable license choice, to generate an at most applicable recommendation, based on the examination of the current situation of open source licensing and license suggestion.

Experiences from implementing PDF in open source: Challenges and opportunities for standardisation processes

  • Jonas GamalielssonB. Lundell
  • Computer Science
    2013 8th International Conference on Standardization and Innovation in Information Technology (SIIT)
  • 2013
The study reports on a number of issues, including: lack of clarity in the specification; implementations deviate from specification; licensing and patent issues; and influences between the specification of a standard and its implementations in software systems.

A review of the use and utility of industrial network-based open source simulators: functionality, security, and policy viewpoints

New insights from security and functionality characteristics metrics are contributed to underscore the use and effectiveness of open source simulators.

The License Choices of SMEs doing Business with Open Source Software: Empirical Evidence on Italian Firms

It is argued that, because of firm specificities, OS SMEs tend to prefer copyleft licenses, and this evidence documents that OSSMEs are not plagued by the GPL fear theorized by the OS founding fathers.