Choosing Family Law over Contract Law as a Paradigm for Surrogate Motherhood

  title={Choosing Family Law over Contract Law as a Paradigm for Surrogate Motherhood},
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  • A. Capron, M. Radin
  • Published 1988
  • Political Science, Medicine
  • Law, Medicine and Health Care
Among the many new forms of human reproduction,’ none raises more problems of public policy and of law than the practice of what is known, rather inaccurately, as “surrogate motherhood” or “surrogacy.”’ The central policy issue is settling on the paradigm that should govern surrogate motherhood, a model of family relations (adoption) or of contractual relations (sale of a product or service). And the central legal issue is whether any restrictions on personal choice that follow from the policy… Expand
Determining Legal Parentage: Between Family Law and Contract Law
The last few decades have witnessed dramatic changes affecting the institutions of family and parenthood. If, in the past, the classic family was defined sociologically as a pair of heterosexualExpand
Unraveling Surrogacy in Ontario, Canada: An Ethnographic Inquiry of the Influence of Canada's Assisted Human Reproduction Act (2004) on Surrogacy Contracts, Parentage Laws, and Gay Fatherhood
This thesis examines the influence of a variety of legal and social factors in surrogacy. I examine the scope and influence of the Canadian federal law known as the Assisted Human Reproduction ActExpand
Analysis of surrogacy laws in India
Surrogacy is when a woman carries a baby for another couple and gives up the baby at birth. In the past decade, commercial surrogacy has grown tremendously in India. It is currently estimated to be aExpand
Beyond Balancing: Rethinking the Law of Embryo Disposition.
  • M. Ziegler
  • Political Science, Medicine
  • The American University law review
  • 2018
The history of abortion jurisprudence is argued to be shed light on the problems with the leading approach to embryo-disposition cases like Vergara's, and legislation detailing the requirements of an enforceable embryo disposition similar to the Uniform Premarital and Marital Agreements Act is recommended. Expand
From spiritual descriptions to legal prescriptions: religious imagery of women as "fetal container" in the law.
  • L. Peach
  • Sociology, Medicine
  • The Journal of law and religion
  • 1993
In law, law reform efforts need to address not only the more obvious forms of sex and gender discrimination, but also the pervasive influence of such religious symbols and their influence on the status of women. Expand
Hosting the others’ child? Relational work and embodied responsibility in altruistic surrogate motherhood
Studies on surrogate motherhood have mostly explored paid arrangements through the lens of a contract model, as clinical work or as a maternal identity-building project. Turning to the under-examinedExpand
Rethinking freedom of contract
Many liberal egalitarians support laws that prevent people from making exploitative and unconscionable contracts. These contracts may include low-wage labor agreements or payday loans, for example. IExpand
Criminalising commercial surrogacy in Canada and Australia: the political construction of ‘national consensus’
ABSTRACT This article examines the language used to justify a criminal prohibition on commercial surrogacy in Canada and Australia. I demonstrate that legislators in each country framed commercialExpand
Markets, Morals, and Practices of Trade: Jurisdictional Disputes in the U.S. Commerce in Cadavers
This study examines the U.S. commerce in human cadavers for medical education and research to explore variation in legitimacy in trades involving similar goods. It draws on archival, interview, andExpand
Legal Issues Affecting Alternative Families
Summary When heterosexuals fall in love, get married and have children, the last thing on their mind is taking legal steps to protect their family. In seeing their lesbian and gay clients, therapistsExpand


Reconstructing Sexual Equality
rights rhetoric by rooting such struggle in the concrete experience of Blacks). 25. Keeping in mind the crucial question asked by the French feminists, "Who is speaking?" I have attempted to be asExpand
The Economics of the Baby Shortage
Although economists have studied extensively the efforts of government to regulate the economy, public regulation of social and personal life has largely escaped economic attention. With the rapidExpand
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