Chondrosarcoma of the larynx and review of the literature.


Chondrosarcoma (CS) of the larynx was first described in 1935. Cartilaginous tumours of the larynx are largely rare and there is little literature concerning them. Laryngeal CS manifest with a different pathological behaviour to other malignancies of the larynx and as such the treatment of these neoplasias are different. The purpose of this review is to present a detailed report of the laryngeal CS in recent literature. We present a case of laryngeal CS of the cricoid cartilage and a case of a sarcomatous neoplasm of the vocal cord as a potential differential diagnosis. Although representing a rare malignancy, the last decade has brought new insights in surgical treatment of laryngeal CS and subsequent reduction in recurrence rates, whereas progress in tumour biology and etiological agents is still scarce. We concentrate on new insights in classification, radiologic and pathologic features, and treatment modalities in the last two decades. Based on the literary evidence the authors recommend a conservative laryngeal function-preserving surgery. Total laryngectomy should be reserved to recurrent CS and rare cases of voluminous high-grade CS of the larynx.

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