Chondrosarcoma of bone in children.


Chondrosarcoma of bone rarely occurs in children. This report analyzes the clinicopathologic features in a series of 47 patients with conventional chondrosarcoma who were less than 17 years of age. Of the 47 cases, 14 were from the Mayo Clinic files, and 33 were from our consultation files. Most of the lesions occurred in the trunk and upper ends of the long bones, with the humerus being the most frequent skeletal site. Twelve of the 47 tumors were secondary. The radiographic findings were the same as those seen in adult chondrosarcoma. Pathologically, the tumors were low grade. En bloc resection is the treatment of choice because of the high incidence of local recurrence with lesser surgical margins. Prognosis in childhood chondrosarcoma is no different from that in adult chondrosarcoma. None of the patients with follow-up data had metastasis.


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