Cholinergic System Under Aluminium Toxicity in Rat Brain

  title={Cholinergic System Under Aluminium Toxicity in Rat Brain},
  author={Kuna Yellamma and S. Saraswathamma and B. Nirmala Kumari},
  booktitle={Toxicology international},
The present investigation envisages the toxic effects of aluminium on the cholinergic system of male albino rat brain. Aluminium toxicity (LD(50)/24 h) evaluated as per Probit method was found to be 700 mg/kg body weight. One-fifth of lethal dose was taken as the sublethal dose. For acute dose studies, rats were given a single lethal dose of aluminium acetate orally for one day only and for chronic dose studies, the rats were administered with sublethal dose of aluminium acetate once in a day… CONTINUE READING


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