Choline saccharinate and choline acesulfamate: ionic liquids with low toxicities.

  title={Choline saccharinate and choline acesulfamate: ionic liquids with low toxicities.},
  author={P Nockemann and Ben Thijs and Kris Driesen and Colin R. Janssen and Kristof Van Hecke and Luc Van Meervelt and Simone Kossmann and Barbara Kirchner and Koen Binnemans},
  journal={The journal of physical chemistry. B},
  volume={111 19},
Choline saccharinate and choline acesulfamate are two examples of hydrophilic ionic liquids, which can be prepared from easily available starting materials (choline chloride and a non-nutritive sweetener). The (eco)toxicity of these ionic liquids in aqueous solution is very low in comparison to other types of ionic liquids. A general method for the synthesis and purification of hydrophilic ionic liquids is presented. The method consists of a silver-free metathesis reaction, followed by… CONTINUE READING
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