Choline alphoscerate (alpha-glyceryl-phosphoryl-choline) an old choline- containing phospholipid with a still interesting profile as cognition enhancing agent.

  title={Choline alphoscerate (alpha-glyceryl-phosphoryl-choline) an old choline- containing phospholipid with a still interesting profile as cognition enhancing agent.},
  author={Enea Traini and Vincenzo Bramanti and Francesco Amenta},
  journal={Current Alzheimer research},
  volume={10 10},
Cholinergic precursors have represented the first approach to counter cognitive impairment occurring in adultonset dementia disorders. These compounds were early leaved because their clinical efficacy was not clearly demonstrated. This is probably not true for some choline-containing phospholipids including choline alphoscerate. Choline alphoscerate increases the release of acetylcholine in rat hippocampus, facilitates learning and memory in experimental animals, improves brain transduction… 

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The ASCOMALVA (Association between the Cholinesterase Inhibitor Donepezil and the Cholinergic Precursor Choline Alphoscerate in Alzheimer's Disease) Trial: interim results after two years of treatment.

Findings suggest that the combination of choline alphoscerate with a ChE-I may prolong/increase the effectiveness of cholinergic therapies in AD with concomitant ischemic cerebrovascular injury.

Choline and Choline alphoscerate Do Not Modulate Inflammatory Processes in the Rat Brain

Evaluating the effects of choline and choline precursor (Choline alphoscerate, GPC) in the modulation of inflammatory processes in the rat brain demonstrated that treatment with choline or GPC did not affect the expression of the inflammatory markers in the different cerebral areas evaluated.

Effects of choline containing phospholipids on the neurovascular unit: A review

The interesting results obtained with some CCPLs, in particular with α-GPC, probably would justify reconsideration of the most promising molecules in larger attentively controlled studies, and contribute to better define the role of the NVU in the pathophysiology of brain disorders characterized by vascular impairment.

The Effect of Choline Alphoscerate on Non spatial memory and Neurogenesis in a Rat Model of Dual Stress

The results suggest that α-GPC treatment can protect cognitive function and neurogenesis in a dual stress model and showed significantly increased neuroblast expression compared to the dual stress group.

Neuroprotective Effects of Choline and Other Methyl Donors

Choline-related functions have been dysregulated in some neurodegenerative diseases suggesting choline role in influencing mental health across the lifespan, and could program brain development and have long-lasting effects on mental health.

Choline, the brain and neurodegeneration: insights from epigenetics.

  • R. Bekdash
  • Biology, Psychology
    Frontiers in bioscience
  • 2018
The role of epigenetic mechanisms in neurodegeneration and how nutrients could interact with the epigenome to protect or boost cognitive processes across the lifespan are discussed.

Quantitative electroencephalography changes in patients with mild cognitive impairment after choline alphoscerate administration.

  • Su-Hyun HanYoung Chul Youn
  • Medicine, Psychology
    Journal of clinical neuroscience : official journal of the Neurosurgical Society of Australasia
  • 2022

No Acute Effects of Choline Bitartrate Food Supplements on Memory in Healthy, Young, Human Adults

It is found that choline did not significantly enhance memory performance during any of the tasks, and choline likely has no acute effects on cholinergic memory functions in healthy human participants.



Choline-containing phospholipids: relevance to brain functional pathways

Evidence is provided in favor of CDP-choline and GPC activity in cerebrovascular or neurodegenerative disorders characterized by cholinergic neurotransmission impairment and safe compounds developed a long time ago such as effective CCPLs could have still a place in pharmacotherapy.

Effects of cholinergic enhancing drugs on cholinergic transporters in the brain and peripheral blood lymphocytes of spontaneously hypertensive rats.

Differences in the activity of the cholinergic precursor and AChE inhibitor investigated on high affinity choline uptake transporter (CHT) and vesicular ACh transporter (VAChT) expression in the brain of spontaneously hypertensive rats (SHR) suggests that association between choline alphoscerate and AchE/cholinesterase inhibitors may represent a strategy for potentiating deficient cholinerential neurotransmission worthwhile of being investigated in clinical trials.

Phosphatidylcholine as a precursor of choline for acetylcholine synthesis.

Data demonstrate that cholinergic neurons utilize the choline stored in PC to synthesize ACh; that this process may lead to a depletion in membrane phospholipids (when choline supply is inadequate); and that the resulting changes in neuronal membrane composition might adversely affect cellular viability.

Effect of choline-containing phospholipids on brain cholinergic transporters in the rat

Effect of a new cognition enhancer, alpha-glycerylphosphorylcholine, on scopolamine-induced amnesia and brain acetylcholine

Neuroprotective effect of treatment with galantamine and choline alphoscerate on brain microanatomy in spontaneously hypertensive rats