Cholesterol level regulates endosome motility via Rab proteins.

  title={Cholesterol level regulates endosome motility via Rab proteins.},
  author={Hongtao Chen and Jun Yang and Philip S Low and Ji-xin Cheng},
  journal={Biophysical journal},
  volume={94 4},
The role of cholesterol in the regulation of endosome motility was investigated by monitoring the intracellular trafficking of endocytosed folate receptors (FRs) labeled with fluorescent folate conjugates. Real-time fluorescence imaging of HeLa cells transfected with green fluorescent protein-tubulin revealed that FR-containing endosomes migrate along microtubules. Moreover, microinjection with antibodies that inhibit microtubule-associated motor proteins demonstrated that dynein and kinesin I… CONTINUE READING