Cholesterol-induced growth stimulation, cell aggregation, and membrane properties of ascites tumor cells in culture.

  title={Cholesterol-induced growth stimulation, cell aggregation, and membrane properties of ascites tumor cells in culture.},
  author={E. W. Haeffner and Christiane Hoffmann and M. Stoehr and H P Scherf},
  journal={Cancer research},
  volume={44 6},
Ascites tumor cells can be cultivated at a reduced serum concentration if cholesterol (2.50 mg per 100 ml of medium) is added to the culture medium. At serum concentrations of 3%, optimal growth properties are obtained; below 3%, cell cultures usually perish after a few days. Cells grown in the presence of added cholesterol have an elevated content of this molecule per cell as well as in the plasma membrane, and they also show a cholesterol concentration-dependent rate of proliferation… CONTINUE READING


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