Cholesterol Profile and Gut Microbial Population of Laying Hens Treated with L-Dopa Supplemented Diets

  title={Cholesterol Profile and Gut Microbial Population of Laying Hens Treated with L-Dopa Supplemented Diets},
  author={Babatunde Richard Oluwasegun Omidiwura BRO and Adebisi Favour Agboola and Adeola Rukayat Adelu},
In a 42-day feeding trial, the effect of L-Dopa on the performance, serum cholesterol and intestinal microbial load in laying hens were investigated. One hundred and twenty layers aged 34 weeks old were allocated to five dietary treatments with eight replicates and three birds per each replicate. The birds were fed diets supplemented with graded levels of L-Dopa (0, 0.1, 0.2, 0.3 and 0.4%) in a completely randomized design. Performance parameters were monitored. On the day 42, egg, meat and… 

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