Cholesterol, Alzheimer's disease, prion disorders: a ménage à trois?

  title={Cholesterol, Alzheimer's disease, prion disorders: a m{\'e}nage {\`a} trois?},
  author={Alessandra Pani and Antonella Mandas and Sandra Dessi},
  journal={Current drug targets},
  volume={11 8},
Aberrant folded proteins are hallmarks of amyloidogenic diseases. Examples are Alzheimer's disease (AD) and prion-related disorders (PrD). These disorders, although clinically different, have the same underlying pathogenetic mechanism: an altered protein conformer with high beta-sheet structure content: the amyloid beta peptide (Abeta) in the case of AD, and the aberrant prion protein, PrPsc, in PrD. Although the molecular processes that cause these proteins to adopt non-native structures in… CONTINUE READING


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