Cholesterol's interfacial interactions with galactosylceramides.

  title={Cholesterol's interfacial interactions with galactosylceramides.},
  author={Shahid Ali and Janice M. Smaby and Howard L. Brockman and Rhoderick E. Brown},
  volume={33 10},
Recently, the influence of acyl structure on galactosylceramide's (GalCer) interfacial phase behavior was studied [Ali, S., Smaby, J. M., & Brown, R.E. (1993) Biochemistry 32, 11696-11703]. Here, we show that acyl structure is a key parameter controlling GalCer's ability to interact with cholesterol. Different chain-pure GalCer species containing saturated (24:0, 18:0, or 10:0), or unsaturated (24:1 delta 15, 22:1 delta 13, or 18:2 delta 9, 12) acyl chains were synthesized. After measurement of… CONTINUE READING

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