Cholesterin als Vorstufe in der Biosynthese der Salamanderalkaloide

  title={Cholesterin als Vorstufe in der Biosynthese der Salamanderalkaloide},
  author={Gerhard G. Habermehl and Arthur Haaf},
  journal={Chemische Berichte},
In-vitro-Versuche mit radioaktiv markiertem Cholesterin zeigen, das Cholesterin durch das Sekret aus den Hautdrusen von Salamandra maculosa maculosa in die darin vorkommenden Alkaloide umgewandelt wird. 
Über Samandarin und verwandte Alkaloide, XIX1)Konstitution und Synthese des Samanins
Aus dem Hautdrusensekret von Salamandra maculosa taeniata wird ein weiteres Alkaloid, Samanin, isoliert, durch Massen- und IR-Spektren in seiner Struktur als 16β-Hydroxy-3-aza-A-homo-5β-androstan (1)Expand
Variability of alkaloids in the skin secretion of the European fire salamander (Salamandra salamadra terrestris).
  • D. Mebs, W. Pogoda
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Toxicon : official journal of the International Society on Toxinology
  • 2005
The two major alkaloids, samandarine and samandarone, were identified in the skin secretion of individual specimens from two populations of the European fire salamander by gas chromatography/mass spectrometry suggesting separate metabolic pathways of the compounds. Expand
Biosynthesis of cholesterol and cholesterol acetate in dendrobatid arrow poison frogs.
The biosynthesis of these poisons has now been investigated in Dendrobates pumilio, D. auratus and Phyllobates aurotaenia, using as possible precursors radioactive cholesterol, mevalonate and acetate, which converted to cholesterol and cholesterol acetate. Expand
Discovery of skin alkaloids in a miniaturized eleutherodactylid frog from Cuba
Analyses of stomach content indicated a numerical prevalence of mites with an important proportion of oribatids—a group of arthropods known to contain one of the pumiliotoxins detected in E. iberia, suggesting that miniaturization and specialization to small prey may have favoured the acquisition of dietary skin alkaloids in these amphibians. Expand
Chemie und Biochemie von Amphibiengaiften
Die zahlreichen giftigen Tiere unserer Erde lassen sich grob in zwei .Klassen unterteilen : aktiv and passiv giftige Tiere. Zur ersten Gruppe zählt man solche, die ihre Beute mit Hilfe vonExpand
Biosynthesis of pregnane derivatives.
This chapter focuses on the type of C 21 steroids isolated, their distribution, their precursors and steroids closely related to them, and the distribution of the enzymes concerned with their formation. Expand
Secondary Plant Substances
Phenylalanine and tyrosine give rise to many secondary plant products. Phenylalanine is preferably converted to cinnamic acid, the parent substance of the large group of nonnitrogenousExpand
Poison frogs are chemically defended from predators and/or microorganisms by the presence of alkaloids in dermal skin glands. Over the past 40 years, more than 800 alkaloids, which are generallyExpand
Chapter 5 Amphibian Alkaloids
This chapter describes the novel amphibian toxins, their isolation, structure, and syntheses, the phenomenon of receptors that selectively bind to specific agents, the location and function of amphibious venoms; spiropiperidines, cis -decahydroquinolines, and octahydrodotoxin; neurotoxins, receptors, and ion transport. Expand
Terpenoid and Steroid Alkaloids
The diverse group of natural products classed as terpenoids and steroids includes some compounds that contain nitrogen and are called alkaloids on that account. Biosynthetically they can be set apartExpand


Cholesterin und Cholesterinester aus dem Hautdrüsensekret von Salamandra Maculosa Taeniata
Im Hautdrusensekret von Salamandra maculosa taeniata finden sich neben den Alkaloiden neutrale Substanzen, von denen Cholesterin, Cholesterylpalmitat, -stearat und -oleat isoliert und identifiziertExpand
Massenspektren der Salamander‐Alkaloide
Salamander-Alkaloide und ihre Derivate ergeben beim Abbau im Massenspektrometer charakteristische Bruchstucke. Aus den Spektren kann man bei diesen Naturstoffen auf den Bau des Ringes A schliesen.Expand
O‐Acetyl‐samandarin im Gift von Salamandra Maculosa
Aus dem Hautgift von Salamandra maculosa maculosa und taeniata konnte als weiteres Alkaloid O-Acetyl-samandarin (I) isoliert werden. – Die beiden Subspezies von S. maculosa weisen wesentlicheExpand
Biosynthesis of cardiotonic sterols from cholesterol in the toad, Bufo marinus.
The synthesis of the cardiotonic sterols, marinOBufagin and marinobufotoxin, has been demonstrated in the toad, Bufo marinus and no incorporation of acetate-C 14 was detected. Expand