[Cholestatic liver lesions of alcoholic etiology (a morphologic study)].


Results of histological, histochemical and electron-microscopy studies of puncture-biopsy specimens of the liver of 25 patients with alcoholic hepatitis are discussed. It is shown that acute alcoholic hepatitis develops, develops, as a rule against the background of steatosis and hepatocirrhosis as a result of the previous chronic consumption of alcohol. Lesions of the liver in this disease are of cholestatic character, which was due to the impairment of the metabolism of lipids, cholesterol and biliary acids under the effect of ethanol. The microscopic picture of alcoholic hepatitis is characterized by the presence of Mallory hyalin, intracellular congestion of the bile and predominance of neutrophilic leukocytes in the cell infiltrate. The characteristics make it possible to differentiate alcoholic hepatitis from viral one.

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