Cholestatic jaundice due to toxoplasma hepatitis.

  title={Cholestatic jaundice due to toxoplasma hepatitis.},
  author={I N Tiwari and Colette Rolland and Alex Popple},
  journal={Postgraduate medical journal},
  volume={58 679},
Introduction Acquired toxoplasmosis may present as acute hepatitis (Vischer, Bernheim and Engelbrecht, 1967; Weitberg et al., 1979; Bars et al., 1978; Kouba, Jira and Zitova, 1971). Bars et al. (1978) in a survey of the literature reported 11 such cases. Weitberg et al. (1979) reported a case of granulomatous hepatitis due to Toxoplasma gondii and suggested… CONTINUE READING