[Choleretic effects of Cassia alata Linn in the rat].


Fifty rats weighing average 200 g were used to study choleretic activity of Cassia alata LINN extract. Bile was collected according to acute biliarly fistula technic on animals anesthetized with 1.5g/kg of ethyle carbamate (Urethane ND). After determination of the minimal active dose (15 mg/kg) and lethal dose (100mg/kg) of the extract, rats were allowed in 5 groups of 10 each one: one reference group, one group receiving 15 mg/kg of Hydroxycyclohexenyl-butyrate (Hebecol ND) a synthetic choleretic, and 3 groups receiving respectively 15 mg/kg, 30 mg/kg and 60 mg/kg of Cassia alata extract. According to results obtained, choleretic activity of Cassia alata at 15 mg/kg is better than the Hebucol ND ones. But at elevated doses, the plant tend to inhibit bile secretion.

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