Cholera toxin — A foe & a friend

  title={Cholera toxin — A foe & a friend},
  author={Joaqu{\'i}n S{\'a}nchez and Jan Holmgren},
  booktitle={The Indian journal of medical research},
After De΄s pivotal demonstration in 1959 of a diarrhoeogenic exo-enterotoxin in cell-free culture filtrates from Vibrio cholerae (of classical biotype), much insight has been gained about cholera toxin (CT), which is arguably now the best known of all microbial toxins. The subunit structure and function of CT, its receptor (the GM1 ganglioside), and its effects on the cyclic AMP system and on intestinal secretion were defined in the 1970s, and the essential aspects of the genetic organization… CONTINUE READING