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Cholera toxin: A paradigm of a multifunctional protein

  title={Cholera toxin: A paradigm of a multifunctional protein},
  author={Kaushik Bharati and N. Ganguly},
  journal={The Indian Journal of Medical Research},
  pages={179 - 187}
  • Kaushik Bharati, N. Ganguly
  • Published 2011
  • Medicine, Biology
  • The Indian Journal of Medical Research
  • Cholera toxin (CT) was discovered exactly half a century ago by S.N. De. We have come a long way since this epoch-making discovery. Retrospectively, science had to wait a long time since Koch’s prediction of the existence of a toxin, and its actual discovery by De. CT is not just another enterotoxin that causes the signs and symptoms of the dreaded disease, cholera. It is unique in many respects, starting from its structure to its functions. CT is a multifunctional protein that is capable of… CONTINUE READING
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