Cholera stool bacteria repress chemotaxis to increase infectivity.

  title={Cholera stool bacteria repress chemotaxis to increase infectivity.},
  author={Susan M. Butler and Eric J. Nelson and Nityananda Chowdhury and Shah M. Faruque and Stephen B. Calderwood and Andrew Camilli},
  journal={Molecular microbiology},
  volume={60 2},
Factors that enhance the transmission of pathogens are poorly understood. We show that Vibrio cholerae shed in human 'rice-water' stools have a 10-fold lower oral infectious dose in an animal model than in vitro grown V. cholerae, which may aid in transmission during outbreaks. Furthermore, we identify a bacterial factor contributing to this enhanced infectivity: The achievement of a transient motile but chemotaxis-defective state upon shedding from humans. Rice-water stool V. cholerae have… CONTINUE READING

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