Cholecystokinin octapeptide-like immunoreactivity: histochemical localization in rat brain.

  title={Cholecystokinin octapeptide-like immunoreactivity: histochemical localization in rat brain.},
  author={Robert B. Innis and Fernando M. A. Corr{\^e}a and George R. Uhl and Bj{\"o}rn Schneider and Solomon H Snyder},
  journal={Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America},
  volume={76 1},
Cholecystokinin octapeptide-like (CCK-OP-like) immunoreactivity was localized in the rat brain by using the indirect immunofluorescence method. Specificity in immunohistochemical studies was demonstrated by the virtual elimination of staining with either preimmune sera or sera preadsorbed with CCK-OP and by the achievement of similar fluorescent patterns with two different primary anti-CCK-OP sera. CCK-OP-like fluorescence was localized in neuronal cell bodies, fibers, and varicose terminals… CONTINUE READING


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