Cholagogic effect of ginger and its active constituents.

  title={Cholagogic effect of ginger and its active constituents.},
  author={Joji Yamahara and Kunio Miki and Takeshi Chisaka and Takashi Sawada and Harutoshi Fujimura and Takashi Tomimatsu and Kengo Nakano and Toshihiro Nohara},
  journal={Journal of ethnopharmacology},
  volume={13 2},
The effect of bile secretion in rats was examined in order to clarify the stomachic action of ginger and also to investigate its active constituents. The results showed that mainly the acetone extracts of ginger, which contain essential oils and pungent principles, caused an increase in the bile secretion. Further analyses for the active constituents of the acetone extracts through column chromatography indicated that [6]-gingerol and [10]-gingerol, which are the pungent principles, are mainly… CONTINUE READING

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