[Choice of heart surgery patients by the medical census method].


Cardiosurgical patients were selected in Novosibirsk during medical census of persons suffering from valvular disease; 2244 (81.2%) patients with congenital valvular diseases and 3979 (51.5%) those with acquired valvular diseases were chosen for operative treatment. Among patients with congenital valvular diseases, 12.1% underwent operation, surgery was indicated in 32.5%, and a follow-up of the pathological process was recommended in 36.6% of patients. In the group of acquired valvular diseases, 7.0% of patients were operated on, operation was indicated in 27.6%, and a follow-up recommended in 51.5% of patients.

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@article{Meshalkin1980ChoiceOH, title={[Choice of heart surgery patients by the medical census method].}, author={E N Meshalkin and Pavel Sidorov and A M Shurgaia and D O Alks and Valery Solov'ev}, journal={Kardiologiia}, year={1980}, volume={20 2}, pages={59-63} }