Chloroquine as a steroid sparing agent for asthma.

  title={Chloroquine as a steroid sparing agent for asthma.},
  author={Tracy Dean and Ann Dewey and Angelika Bara and Toby J Lasserson and Eugene Haydn Walters},
  journal={The Cochrane database of systematic reviews},
BACKGROUND For the majority of chronic asthmatics, symptoms are best controlled using inhaled steroids, but for a small group of asthma sufferers, symptoms cannot be controlled using inhaled steroids and instead continuous use of high dosage oral steroids (corticosteroids) are required. However, using high dosage oral steroids for long periods is associated with severe side effects. Steroid-sparing treatments have been sought and one of these is chloroquine. Chloroquine is an anti-inflammatory… CONTINUE READING
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