Chloroplast microsatellite polymorphisms in Vitis species.

  title={Chloroplast microsatellite polymorphisms in Vitis species.},
  author={Rosa Arroyo-Garc{\'i}a and François Lefort and Mar{\'i}a Teresa de Andr{\'e}s and Javier Ib{\'a}{\~n}aez and Joaqu{\'i}n Borrego and N. Jouve and F{\'e}lix Cabello and Jos{\'e} Miguel Mart{\'i}nez-Zapater},
  volume={45 6},
The use of consensus chloroplast microsatellites primers for dicotyledonous chloroplast genomes revealed the existence of intra and interspecific length variation within the genus Vitis. Three chloroplast microsatellite loci were found to be polymorphic in samples of Vitis vinifera, Vitis berlandieri, Vitis riparia, and Vitis rupestris out of a total of 10 consensus primer pairs tested. These polymorphisms were always due to a variable number of mononucleotide residues within A and (or) T… CONTINUE READING

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