Chlorophyll content, leaf gas exchange and growth of oriental lily as affected by shading

  title={Chlorophyll content, leaf gas exchange and growth of oriental lily as affected by shading},
  author={Y. Zhang and F. Yan and H. Gao and Y. Xu and Y. Y. Guo and Enyuan Wang and Y. H. Li and Z. K. Xie},
  journal={Russian Journal of Plant Physiology},
  • Y. Zhang, F. Yan, Z. Xie
  • Published 29 April 2015
  • Biology
  • Russian Journal of Plant Physiology
We evaluated the effects of light conditions on leaf gas exchange, chlorophyll content, and growth responses in the Oriental lily (Lilium auratum L.) cv. Sorbonne. The experiment involved application on increasing shade densities (0, 60, 75, and 80%) to Sorbonne, and was carried out in the Horqin Sandy Land of northern China. Shade tests showed that growth of the lily was primarily affected by the level of irradiance. Photoinhibition occurred in the 0 and 60% shade treatments, but not in the 75… 
Standardization of protected condition for quality flower production of oriental lily
Based on two year data as well as pooled data, polyhouse conditions is recommended for early flower production with good flower quality of Oriental Lily cv.
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Analyses of asiatic hybrids resistance at introduction in northern forest steppe of west Siberia
Analyses of photosynthetic pigment contents in the leaves of Asiatic hybrids varieties showed that the flowing changes in the contents of pigment complex may be considered as indicators of a mechanism of adaptation of lily varieties to the complex of climatic and natural conditions of northern forest steppe of West Siberia.
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Light Intensity Affects Dry Matter, Photosynthesis and Chlorophyll Fluorescence of Oriental Lily
‘Mid-day depression’ of photosynthesis occurred in the 0% shade treatments, indicating that excessively high light intensity could decrease photosynthesis, and to increase the commercial value of Oriental lily, approximately 75% shade appeared to be optimal.
Effects of reduced irradiance on leaf morphology, photosynthetic capacity, and fruit yield in olive (Olea europaea L.)
The olive tree adapts well to shade compared with other fruit trees by a small reduction in stomatal and trichome density, palisade parenchyma, and a significant increase in leaf area.
Photosynthesis, chlorophyll fluorescence, and carbohydrate content of Illicium taxa grown under varied irradiance
There is considerable variation in light tolerance among these taxa, with I. parvifl orum 'Forest Greenʼ demonstrating superior tolerance to high light among the plants compared.
Effects of water stress and nitrogen supply on leaf gas exchange and fluorescence parameters of Sophora davidii seedlings
Water stress was the primary limitation in photosynthesis processes of S. davidii seedlings, while the photosynthetic characters of seedlings exhibited positive responses to N supply, and Appropriate N supply is recommended to improve photosynthesis efficiency and alleviate photodamage under water stress.
Photosynthetic regulation of C4 desert plant Haloxylon ammodendron under drought stress
It was concluded that under high-radiation conditions drought stress causes photoin inhibition of H. ammodendron and increasing air humidity or soil moisture content can reduce photoinhibition and increase the efficiency of solar energy use.