Chlorophyll Index and Photosynthetic Carbon Sequestration in Northern Eurasia Forests

  title={Chlorophyll Index and Photosynthetic Carbon Sequestration in Northern Eurasia Forests},
  author={Pavel Voronin and Pavel Konovalov and Viktor Bolondinskii and L. K. Kaipiainen},
  journal={Russian Journal of Plant Physiology},
An infrared gas analyzer was operated in an open-circuit differential mode to measure CO2 gas exchange in intact leafy and leafless parts of skeletal branches of Pinus sylvestris L. throughout the summer daylight period. The photosynthetic carbon sequestration in major types of forest phytocenoses in northern Eurasia was assessed for middle-aged and moderately dense stands. The estimates were corrected for carbon losses associated with phloem transport of photosynthetic products per each meter… 
Chlorophyll index and photosynthetic carbon sequestration in Northern Eurasia
  • P. Voronin
  • Environmental Science
    Russian Journal of Plant Physiology
  • 2006
Based on physiological and biochemical evidence, the chlorophyll index of terrestrial vegetation cover of Northern Eurasia was proved a reliable tool for quantitative estimates of photosynthetic
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