Chloroperoxidase-catalyzed benzylic hydroxylation.

  title={Chloroperoxidase-catalyzed benzylic hydroxylation.},
  author={Vaughn P Miller and Richard A. Tschirret-Guth and Paul R. Ortiz de Montellano},
  journal={Archives of biochemistry and biophysics},
  volume={319 2},
Chloroperoxidase oxidizes p-methylanisole and p-ethylanisole to 4-methoxybenzyl alcohol and 1-(4'-methoxyphenyl)ethanol, respectively. It ineffectively oxidizes toluene to benzyl alcohol but does not appear to oxidize toluene substituted with strong electron-withdrawing groups. O-Demethylation is also observed. The enzyme is sensitive to substituents at other than the para position and does not detectably catalyze benzylic hydroxylation of p-methylanisole if it bears additional methyl or… CONTINUE READING