Chloronaphthalenes composition of several batches of Halowax 1051.

  title={Chloronaphthalenes composition of several batches of Halowax 1051.},
  author={Jerzy Falandysz and Kazutoshi Nose and Yukari Ishikawa and E Lukaszewicz and Nobuyoshi Yamashita and Yukio Noma},
  journal={Journal of environmental science and health. Part A, Toxic/hazardous substances & environmental engineering},
  volume={41 3},
Halowax 1051 is the highest chlorinated technical chloronaphthalene mixture among seven known formulations of the Halowax series. Octa- and heptaCN homologue groups are the main CN constituents of Halowax 1051 with declared 90% and 10% contents, respectively. In this study, using an isotope dilution technique and HRGC/HRMS, octaCN and heptaCNs contents of six batches of Halowax 1051 were between 82-93% and 6.2-17%, respectively. Also mono- to hexaCNs were found in Halowax 1051, and their… CONTINUE READING