Chlorination kinetics of glyphosate and its by-products: modeling approach.

  title={Chlorination kinetics of glyphosate and its by-products: modeling approach.},
  author={St{\'e}phan Brosillon and Dominique Wolbert and Marguerite Lemasle and Pascal Roche and Akbar Mehrsheikh},
  journal={Water research},
  volume={40 11},
Chlorination reactions of glyphosate, glycine, and sodium cyanate were conducted in well-agitated reactors to generate experimental kinetic measurements for the simulation of chlorination kinetics under the conditions of industrial water purification plants. The contribution of different by-products to the overall degradation of glyphosate during chlorination has been identified. The kinetic rate constants for the chlorination of glyphosate and its main degradation products were either obtained… CONTINUE READING