Chlorido(η5-cyclo­penta­dien­yl)[(4a,4b,8a,9,9a-η)-fluoren­yl](fluorenyl-κC 9)zirconium(IV) toluene solvate

               9)zirconium(IV) toluene solvate},
  author={Agnieszka Łapczuk-Krygier and Łukasz Ponikiewski and Jerzy Pikies},
  booktitle={Acta crystallographica. Section E, Structure reports online},
In the title compound, [Zr(C(5)H(5))(C(13)H(9))(2)Cl]·C(7)H(8), the Zr(IV) atom is coordinated by a Cl atom, a cyclo-penta-dienyl (Cp) ligand [Zr-centroid (Cp) = 2.199 (3) Å] and two fluorenyl ligands (Fl) [Zr-centroid (Fl) = 2.273 (2) Å and Zr-CH from fluorenyl = 2.355 (2) Å] in a distorted tetra-gonal geometry. The dihedral angles between the mean planes… CONTINUE READING