Chloride tolerance in soybean and perennial Glycine accessions

  title={Chloride tolerance in soybean and perennial Glycine accessions},
  author={Vincent R. Pantalone and William Judson Kenworthy and Larisa Slaughter and Bruce R. James},
Diversity for chloride tolerance exists among accessions of perennial Glycine. Accessions whose tolerance thresholds exceed those of Glycine max cultivars may be useful germplasm resources. Soybean cultivars including ‘Jackson’ (sensitive) and ‘Lee’ (tolerant) and 12 accessions of perennial Glycine were evaluated for sodium chloride tolerance after 14 days in hydroponic culture at 0, 5, 10, and 15 g L-1 NaCl. Sodium chloride had adverse effects on the growth of G. max cultivars and perennial… CONTINUE READING
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