Chlorhexidine-methanol burns in two extreme preterm newborns.

  title={Chlorhexidine-methanol burns in two extreme preterm newborns.},
  author={Xavier Bringu{\'e} Espuny and Xavier Soria and Eduard Sol{\'e} and Jordi Perdiguero Garc{\'i}a and Juan Jose Marco and Josep Ortega and Mieria Ortiz and Alfredo Pueyo},
  journal={Pediatric dermatology},
  volume={27 6},
Safe and effective antiseptic use in neonatal intensive care units is mandatory. High efficacy and a low number of side-effects from chlorhexidine have permitted avoidance of the use of mercurials and iodine derivatives, but methanol use can be unsafe in extreme preterm newborns. We report two cases of chemical burn after skin cleansing, due to alcoholic chlorhexidine (0.5%) use in extremely premature infants used for umbilical catheter insertion. Although this formulation is less concerning… CONTINUE READING


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