Chlorhexidine Anaphylaxis Masquerading as Septic Shock.


Chlorhexidine is a commonly used antiseptic and disinfectant in the health-care setting. Its usage has increased in recent years with intensive campaigns and infection control guidelines to combat hospital-acquired infections. As a result, patients and health-care workers (HCW) are exposed to increasing chlorhexidine usage. In recent years, adverse… (More)
DOI: 10.1159/000431358


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@article{Hong2015ChlorhexidineAM, title={Chlorhexidine Anaphylaxis Masquerading as Septic Shock.}, author={Choon Chiet Andrew Hong and Siew May Wang and Aziz Nather and Jiong Hao Jonathan Tan and Sen Hee Tay and Keah How Poon}, journal={International archives of allergy and immunology}, year={2015}, volume={167 1}, pages={16-20} }