Chloramphenicol pharmacokinetics in hospitalized patients.

  title={Chloramphenicol pharmacokinetics in hospitalized patients.},
  author={Jeffrey R. Koup and Alan T. H. Lau and Beth Brodsky and Richard L Slaughter},
  journal={Antimicrobial agents and chemotherapy},
  volume={15 5},
The apparent body clearance of chloramphenicol was investigated in 21 hospitalized adult patients on 27 occasions. Apparent body clearance was found to be significantly lower (1.99 +/- 1.49 ml/min per kg) in patients with total serum bilirubin concentrations of >1.5 mg/100 ml than in patients with serum bilirubin concentrations of </=1.5 mg/100 ml (3.57 +/- 1.72 ml/min per kg; P < 0.001). Serum protein binding of chloramphenicol was lower in cirrhotic patients (42.2 +/- 6.8% bound) than in… CONTINUE READING