Chlamydophila (Chlamydia) pneumoniae in the Alzheimer's brain.

  title={Chlamydophila (Chlamydia) pneumoniae in the Alzheimer's brain.},
  author={Herv{\'e} C. G{\'e}rard and Ute Dreses-Werringloer and Kristin S Wildt and Srilekha Deka and Cynthia E Oszust and Brian J. Balin and William H. Frey and Elizabeth Z. Bordayo and Judith A. Whittum-Hudson and Alan P. Hudson},
  journal={FEMS immunology and medical microbiology},
  volume={48 3},
We assessed the presence and characteristics of the intracellular pathogen Chlamydophila (Chlamydia) pneumoniae in brain-tissue samples from 25 patients with late-onset Alzheimer's disease (AD) and 27 non-AD control individuals. 20/27 AD patients, but only 3/27 controls, were PCR-positive in multiple assays targetting the Cpn1046 and Cpn0695 genes. Culture of the organism from brain-tissue homogenate from one AD patient, and assessment of various chlamydial transcripts in RNA preparations from… CONTINUE READING
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