Chitosan and its derivatives in mucosal drug and vaccine delivery.

  title={Chitosan and its derivatives in mucosal drug and vaccine delivery.},
  author={Inez M van der Lubben and Joan A. C. Verhoef and Gerrit Borchard and Hans E. Junginger},
  journal={European journal of pharmaceutical sciences : official journal of the European Federation for Pharmaceutical Sciences},
  volume={14 3},
Numerous studies have demonstrated that chitosan and their derivatives (N-trimethyl chitosan, mono-N-carboxymethyl chitosan) are effective and safe absorption enhancers to improve mucosal (nasal, peroral) delivery of hydrophylic macromolecules such as peptide and protein drugs and heparins. This absorption enhancing effect of chitosans is caused by opening of the intercellular tight junctions, thereby favouring the paracellular transport of macromolecular drugs. Chitosan nano- and… CONTINUE READING
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