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Chitinaseaktivität während larvaler Häutungszyklen des Chilopoden Lithobius forficatus (L.)

  title={Chitinaseaktivit{\"a}t w{\"a}hrend larvaler H{\"a}utungszyklen des Chilopoden Lithobius forficatus (L.)},
  author={Uta Baier and Hans Dieter Scheffel},
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Partial characterization of chitin degrading enzymes from two euphausiids, Euphausia superba and Meganyctiphanes norvegica
P pH and temperature optima, thermal stability and kinetic properties of the two enzymes are strikingly similar in the polar E. superba versus the boreal euphausiid M. norvegica, suggesting a functional adaptation to a low temperature range in seawater.
Chitin Degrading Enzymes: Characteristics and Functions during Artemia Development
The results were taken as an indication for participation of chitin degrading enzymes, in addition to osmotic mechanisms, in the emergence process and a direct proof of this hypothesis is still lacking.