Chiroptical studies on supramolecular chirality of molecular aggregates.


The attempts of applying chiroptical spectroscopy to supramolecular chirality are reviewed with a focus on vibrational circular dichroism (VCD). Examples were taken from gels, solids, and monolayers formed by low-molecular mass weight chiral gelators. Particular attention was paid to a group of gelators with perfluoroalkyl chains. The effects of the helical conformation of the perfluoroalkyl chains on the formation of chiral architectures are reported. It is described how the conformation of a chiral gelator was determined by comparing the experimental and theoretical VCD spectra together with a model proposed for the molecular aggregation in fibrils. The results demonstrate the potential utility of the chiroptical method in analyzing organized chiral aggregates.

DOI: 10.1002/chir.22482

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@article{Sato2015ChiropticalSO, title={Chiroptical studies on supramolecular chirality of molecular aggregates.}, author={Hisako Sato and Tomoko Yajima and Akihiko Yamagishi}, journal={Chirality}, year={2015}, volume={27 10}, pages={659-66} }