Chiroptical Measurement of Chiral Aggregates at


The centrifugal liquid membrane (CLM) cell has been utilized for chiroptical studies of liquid-liquid interfaces with a conventional circular dichroism (CD) spectropolarimeter. These studies required the characterization of optical properties of the rotating cylindrical CLM glass cell, which was used under the high speed rotation. In the present study, we have measured the circular and linear dichroism (CD and LD) spectra and the circular and linear birefringence (CB and LB) spectra of the CLM cell itself as well as those of porphyrine aggregates formed at the liquid-liquid interface in the CLM cell, applying Mueller matrix measurement method. From the results, it was confirmed that the CLM-CD spectra of the interfacial porphyrin aggregates observed by a conventional CD spectropolarimeter should be correct irrespective of LD and LB signals in the CLM cell. OPEN ACCESS Molecules 2011, 16 3637

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