Chironomidae assemblage structure in relation to organic enrichment of an aquatic environment.


In this study we determined the taxonomic diversity of larval Chironomidae upstream and downstream to discharges of the sewage treatment plant (STP) from Agro-industrial District of Anápolis, State of Goiás, Brazil. Additionally, we evaluated the use of the lognormal distribution as a measure of biotic integrity of this system. The Chironomidae communities were sampled in three sites, upstream and downstream of the discharge of the sewage treatment plant (STP). We fitted the truncate lognormal distribution based on a nonlinear regression of the datasets using least squares as loss function in an iterative quasi-Newton procedure. The total of 21,498 individuals were sampled, from 24 Chironomidae genera, Chironomus, Polypedilum, Rheotanytarsus e Thienemanniella, with 73.9%, 14.4%, 7.1% and 4.5%, respectively, of all analyzed community; they are generally considered resistant to organic pollution. The assemblage of the site upstream was described for a truncate lognormal distribution. The extreme increase in abundance of some genera in the first site downstream produced a distribution not fitted to lognormal. The second site downstream however, permits a good fit to lognormal, probably due to the decrease in abundance of the dominant groups. These data substantiate the hypothesis that Chironomidae community is not suitably characterized by lognormal distribution at disturbed environments. Consequently, these aquatic communities were ecological disordered by organic pollution which caused the lost of sensible species and the dominance of those tolerants to this sort of impact. Additionally, the study highlighted the distribution lognormal approach as a valuable method to assess environmental impacts.


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