Chirality in the Maxwell Equations by the Dipole Approximation


In this paper, we show how chiral materials are realized by embedding chiral objects (helices) in an isotropic medium. More precisely, we derive the Drude–Born–Fedorov constitutive relations, governing the propagation of electromagnetic waves in chiral media, from the standard constitutive relations for a homogeneous, isotropic medium by embedding in the… (More)
DOI: 10.1137/S0036139998334160


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@article{Ammari1999ChiralityIT, title={Chirality in the Maxwell Equations by the Dipole Approximation}, author={Habib Ammari and Jean-Claude N{\'e}d{\'e}lec and Kamel Hamdache}, journal={SIAM Journal of Applied Mathematics}, year={1999}, volume={59}, pages={2045-2059} }