Chirality dependent environmental e ect in photoluminescence of single walled carbon nanotubes

  title={Chirality dependent environmental e ect in photoluminescence of single walled carbon nanotubes},
  author={Yutaka Ohno and Shinya Iwasaki and Yoichi Murakami and Shigeru Kishimoto and Shigeo Maruyama and Takashi Mizutani},
The optical transition energies E and E of single walled carbon nanotubes SWNTs sus pended in air have been investigated for species by photoluminescence and excitation spectro scopies We have studied the environmental e ects in photoluminescence by comparing our results with those for the SWNTs wrapped by sodium dodecyl sulfate SDS as reported by Weisman et al The energy di erences between air suspended and SDS wrapped SWNTs Eii E air ii E ii depends on the chiral vector n m speci cally on the… CONTINUE READING


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