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Chirality dependence of the radial breathing phonon mode density in single wall carbon nanotubes

  title={Chirality dependence of the radial breathing phonon mode density in single wall carbon nanotubes},
  author={A Nickolas Vamivakas and Y. Yin and Andrew G. Walsh and M. Selim Unlu and Bennett B. Goldberg and Anna K Swan},
  journal={arXiv: Other Condensed Matter},
A mass and spring model is used to calculate the phonon mode dispersion for single wall carbon nanotubes (SWNTs) of arbitrary chirality. The calculated dispersions are used to determine the chirality dependence of the radial breathing phonon mode (RBM) density. Van Hove singularities, usually discussed in the context of the single particle electronic excitation spectrum, are found in the RBM density of states with distinct qualitative differences for zig zag, armchair and chiral SWNTs. The… 
Exciton behavior in carbon nanotubes: Dielectric screening and decay dynamics
  • A. Walsh
  • Materials Science, Chemistry
  • 2009
Despite more than a decade of intense research, electronic relaxation in carbon nanotubes (CNTs) is still not well understood. For instance, the optical properties of the electronic energy levels


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