Chirality-Mediated Mechanical and Structural Properties of Oligopeptide Hydrogels.

  title={Chirality-Mediated Mechanical and Structural Properties of Oligopeptide Hydrogels.},
  author={Marc B Taraban and Yue Feng and Boualem Hammouda and Laura L Hyland and Yihua Bruce Yu},
  journal={Chemistry of materials : a publication of the American Chemical Society},
  volume={24 12},
The origin and the effects of homochirality in the biological world continuously stimulate numerous hypotheses and much debate. This work attempts to look at the biohomochirality issue from a different angle-the mechanical properties of the bulk biomaterial and their relation to nanoscale structures. Using a pair of oppositely charged peptides that co-assemble into hydrogels, we systematically investigated the effect of chirality on the mechanical properties of these hydrogels through different… CONTINUE READING